About Us

Spring Roots Early Learning and Child Care Centre

Here at Spring Roots we are committed to the greater development of children, to supporting the family and providing high quality child care.

Spring Roots is a Dream of Vanessa Baird

Vanessa Baird and her husband bought the Douglas Child Care Centre in May 2016. Since graduating from George Brown College in 1993 she had a dream of owning a daycare. Vanessa worked for the Neighborhood and Community Children’s Service Sector in Toronto from 1993 until 2012. Her family moved to New Brunswick and Vanessa spent the next 4 years caring for her children and family. With the help of her husband, they made her dream a reality and created Spring Roots.

The History of the Child Care Centre

The building was a creation from an old church into a high quality daycare that started in 2011. A husband and wife team developed the building into what it is today.

The Spring Roots Transformation

Vanessa wants to be a good model of children’s development in New Brunswick. Coming from an education in the Reggio Way, she wants to develop and transform the daycare into a supportive, natural play based centre. So in the months to come, the rooms will be painted, natural play materials are being purchased and care providers will get more training in the Reggio Way.


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