Our Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

Commitment to the Child

Supporting Families

Providing Quality Care

Mission Statement

The mission of Spring Roots Early Learning and Child Care Centre is to provide safe, high quality early learning in a natural learning enviroment and care for the children and families of Fredericton and the surrounding community.

Our Philosophy Statement

At Spring Roots E.L.C.C.C, we are committed to the promotion and delivery of quality child care. We strive to facilitate and provide high standards in our integrated approach by providing a service to families of young infants and children. We believe that each child is a unique individual, develops at different levels, and learns through active investigation and discovery of their natural environment through hands on play based activities. Programs are based on modern theories of child development that state that there is a natural universal development sequence of growth. This cultivates a solid base of development of character and self esteem for them to build upon throughout their lives.  Our Centre is devoted to young children and growing families. Our educated and experienced staff will work in collaboration with the New Brunswick Emergent Curriculum Framework, through observation and documentation of children’s play by using the E.L.E.C.T framework; program planning will emerge from the child’s interests and will provide learning experiences through various small group plays where learning will occur naturally. Our Programs will focus on the child’s essential development of Root skills in these Domains; emotional and social diversity, building self awareness through communication and Literacy, cognitive problem solving, Physical development, Well Being, Play and Playfulness. The Environment will play a large role and activities in the Program will be reflective of the theories of; Jean Piaget, and Louris Malaguzzi- the Reggio Emilia approach.

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Vanessa was inspired to create Spring Roots with the Reggio Emilia Approach. She curated the environment with this in mind, although the teachers are not trained in the Emilia Way.

The emergent curriculum of NB Early Learners is reflected in our environment. If you would like to know more about fostering child lead learning you can read more here.

The Image of the Child

At Spring Roots E.L.C.C.C the image of the child is at our core belief.  We believe that children are active constructors of their own knowledge. They can explore and initiate their own learning based on an emergent natural curiosity. Children learn from other children, family, teachers, society and the environment. The child is resourceful, curious, competent, imaginative, and has a desire to interact with and communicate with others. “Children have the right to Imagine. We need to give them full rights of citizenship in life and society” Louris Malaguzzi Founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach.



Modern Early Childhood Education

Spring Roots E.L.C.C.C is mostly influenced by the Reggio Emilia Approach and will model our center on those Philosophies in our ongoing work with children on a daily basis. Above all, we will use the best developmentally appropriate practices according to current early childhood research. We will be using a tablet application system for updating parents on the day’s events and for documentation purposes. Access accounts will be private and family only protected.

Continuous Parent Teacher Communication

Parent involvement is an essential component of our program. We consider parents not as consumers but as co-responsible partners. It is in their right to participate and our expectancy to support them in any way, as their involvement can take many forms and can ensure the welfare of all the children in the program.

Parents are welcome to visit their children at the Centre anytime.  Doors will be kept locked for safety reasons but you are certainly invited in.   Nap time/quiet time will be from 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. so if you can try to avoid this time it would be best, as to not disrupt the other children.

We encourage any parents or grandparents who are interested in volunteering at the Centre to speak to the director to make arrangements.  It is also wonderful if you are able to accompany your child on field trips and outings, Bring in materials or offer your knowledge to any group of children who are focusing on any particular subject that may be in your strong suit.

Our staff is very willing to discuss any suggestions or concerns you may have regarding your child’s care.  Please feel free to contact us at any time.   Arrival and departure times are usually busy and not very private so it is best if you call during the day to speak to staff over the phone or to set up an appointment time convenient for both parties.  You may also contact us through email.  It is best to first speak with your child’s primary educator if you have a concern.  Please contact the director if you continue to have concerns or unanswered questions.

Interactions and Relationships

We promote positive interactions; we encourage respectful pro active and positive communication with teacher/child interactions, teacher to teacher, and teacher to parent collaborations.  We promote an all inclusive program, ethno-racial and linguistically diverse families are welcome. This will enrich our program, strengthen our community and help widen global awareness in children.

Health and Safety

Spring Roots E.L.C.C.C follows NB Health and safety standards. Our food is prepared in a controlled area and monitored closely by an experienced cook. We take extra care in preparing fresh meals daily. We also encourage parents to use reusable containers when sending snacks to school.


As an integrated facility,  SpringRoots ELCCC does not discriminate on the grounds of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability, language, or socioeconomic status.  We welcome all children and embrace diversity.  Each member of the SpringRoots community is supported and valued, and given the opportunity to participate in all learning invitations and daily routines.


Our overall goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children and parents feel welcome.

The key elements in a Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Learning are as follows;

  • Cooperation and collaboration between staff members, parents and children
  • The Atelierista– a person trained in the visual arts will work with the teachers and children one to two times a week.
  • Projects
  • Environment
  • Documentation – The critical part of early learning is documenting by;
  1. Transcripts of children’s remarks and discussions
  2. Photographs of activities in and around classroom
  3. Art Media representations of group experiences, murals, sculptures, paintings and drawings – This also helps parents become more aware of children’s learning and development and provides an invitation to contribute and be involved.

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