The Children Love the Falling Leaves

Fall is amazing time of your for children to explore the world around them! With our field trips to local pumpkin patches and petting zoos to wetland and animal conservation areas, we’ve been bringing a lot of the outside in. By examining our findings, our students are able to get a first hand experience to their surroundings and happenings of their environment. 

From a child’s view the world is so big! The imagination is always trying to expand and we foster big imaginations. Whether we are up-cycling boxes or collecting sticks to create forms, we want the kids to know that imagination is free.  

Our Art Work 


Where big imaginations get bigger!

Our art work is inspired by changing seasons. We are able to experiment with and incorporate our outdoor environment into our art practices at the centre. Through process art – creating a space for children to discover the artistic process for themselves without worrying about the final outcome – we’re able to use our senses of touch, smell, sight and even sound. Not only is it a blast, but everyone loves seeing what they’re able to create!

Our Sensory Play Tables


Exploring With Our Hands and Minds!

These sensory tables are a great way to explore corporeal properties and to incorporate aspects of development and learning. Being able to change the materials with the seasons, the children are always captivated with what’s inside. We can strengthen fine motor skills with the use of tongs or toothbrushes, and can work on comparative and descriptive skills! Colours, textures and counting can all be explored as well, depending on the materials in the bin!

Our Reading Corners 


We Love Reading Time!

How do you encourage children to read? Create a cozy, welcoming space that they enjoy spending time in! Time spent with books is never a waste, as simple skills such as looking at pictures to letter recognition are all developmental properties to preschoolers. We really encourage down time with books, sharing books with friends and talking about books – all of which is much funner when spent in a comfortable environment!

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