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Dolphins Work Here

Dolphins Work Here


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Infant Rooms

Exploring my Senses

Learning to Trust

The focus of care with an infant will be to provide an inclusive program that respects each child’s abilities, needs and strengths. In order for an infant to feel safe their needs will be met immediately by warm caring adults, this will continue to foster the sense of trust in the infant. The program will offer experiences in a natural setting that appeal to the infant’s senses and contribute to their overall growth and development. The infant program will also focus on a language rich communication that will encourage positive interactions. Their days will be filled with exploring through touch, taste, smell and hearing abilities, through picture labelling, stories, music, puppets, playing with manipulative hand held toys, walks outside, and lots of love.

The Educator/Child ratio will be maintained throughout the day:

  • Room One 1:3 6-15 months old you are required to provide snacks and drinks for morning and afternoon.  You are required to bring baby food and milk/formula if using bottles. We allow for Breast feeding moms to come in when they need to feed and be with their child.
  • Room Two 2:6 15-24 months old.  Play includes dramatic play, blocks, music/instruments, stories/nursery rhymes, outside play, beginning craft time, etc.  The focus in this class is having fun while exploring new things in an all natural loving, respectful environment.


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Hours of Operation


Toddler Room 1
Toddler Room 1
Toddler Room 1
Toddler Room 1

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