We have a full-time cook who is trained in food-safety and provides a nutritious lunch daily.  Our menu follows the Canada Food Guide and covers all food groups at each meal.  We use fresh ingredients and provide home-cooked meals for the children at SpringRoots.

Sample Menu

Contact Me

Please contact Heidi if you have any questions regarding nutrition, menus or recipes you would like to see.

Food Sensitivities and Allergies

We are a nut free facility. We will accommodate most food needs.  Contact Heidi to discuss your child’s dietary needs.

Turkey Apple Wraps

New Menu Item This month at Spring Roots we are test-driving a new recipe with our Sr. Preschool classes! If they approve, it will be added to our summer menu rotation. Turkey Apple Wraps 1 whole grain tortilla 2 slices of lean turkey 1/2 of a crispy apple, thinly...

Healthy Snack Ideas

As a parent myself, I often struggle to come up with healthy ideas for school snacks.  Here is a list of popular snacks found in the lunchboxes of some of our SpringRoots children, as well as in my own home. Homemade Lunchables (use a small cookie cutter to make...

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