We’re Becoming a NB Early Learning Centre!

We would like to become part of the community of excellence and work in partnership with the province, colleges and Universities to provide a setting of leading practices in the profession of Early Childhood to display pedagogical practices. This will allow us to continue to provide Quality Childcare for families and children.


This summer we received a government grant and purchased several items.  We ordered 2 new strollers, installed 2 change tables, and painted the nursery and stairwell.  We also upgraded our outdoor spaces by creating  a new sand and water play area, and added new elements to the infant deck. We put new cubbies in the entrance and bought upgraded  furniture and play materials in the class rooms. 

What does this mean?

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 Please look at the links below to see if your family qualifies for government subsidies and support.

Link 1, link 2, link 3.

Parent Handbook

Click on the following link to see the full Parent Handbook PDF- Parent Handbook

Child Care Rooms

Click on the cloud to go to the Child Care Rooms page.


$200/week: 6 months – 24 months(as of April 2016) **children will move into the two year old group once a space becomes available after they have turned two**

$180/week: 2 – 5 years (as of April 2016)

Due to space availability, only full time positions are available.


Prices include the noon meal once your child is on table food. Snacks are provided by the parents.

How to Pay

We take E-transfer, cash and cheque.


Payments for all programs are due in post dated cheques in six months intervals. These cheques are due to the office on Aug.15th and Mar.15th of each year.  Please ensure they are in on time to avoid late fees.  Cheques are to be dated for every other Friday with payment being for the following two weeks. Check with office for the dates to be put on these cheques. Late payments will result in a $10.00/day fee until payment is made.  There will be a $20.00 charge for NSF cheques and more than two in a calendar year may result in your child’s space being replaced at the Centre.  There will be no adjustments made for any reason:  vacations, illness, storms, power outages, etc.  Receipts will be provided annually or upon request.

Field Trip Costs

Extra fees may be required for field trips.  We will attempt to keep these expenses low and you will be notified in advance.

Child Care Centre Emergency Closures

For snow days and inclement weather, we will be closed if the school buses aren’t running. You can find that inforamtion here.

We will make every effort to advise you as soon as possible to any and all closures. If a centre closure is necessary, every effort will be made to notify you as soon as possible via any of the following electronic communications, but not limited to: home page of the centre website, email, twitter, radio, and 106.9 FM cancellation/closure web page. You will be advised by 6:30am of any partial or full day closures to the Child Care Centre. If there is a need for emergency closure throughout the day, you will be notified as soon as possible, we will remain open until the last child is picked up and/or other emergency arrangements have been made.

Your child can’t come to the daycare if:

  • A fever above 38.5 C or 101 F
  • Diarrhea and or vomiting

If your child becomes ill at daycare, then you’ll need to fill out a Potential Illness Report Form before they can come back. The daycare will provide the form.

As per GNB guidelines, Guidelines to Illness Identification.

Calling in Sick for Your Child

If your child will be absent due to an illness please notify the Centre by 8:30 a.m. and let us know the reason that they will not be attending.  This will help to control the spread of illness throughout the Centre.  Also, please be very careful not to send your child if you think they may have something contagious.  Your child will need to stay home if they experience vomiting, diarrhea, fever (exceeding 100 degrees), anything contagious, rash, mouth sores, infections, infestations, or if they are too ill to participate in normal activities.  If your child has any of the above symptoms or has begun medication, they will need to stay home for at least 24 hours to prevent other children from becoming ill.

If They Become Ill While at the Centre

If your child becomes ill while at the Centre, you will be contacted.   Your child will wait for you in the office and you must pick them up within one hour.  You may be required to fill out a New Brunswick “Return after Exclusion” form when your child returns to the Centre.

Daily Schedule

7:30-8:45:      Open Play/ Children’s Choice/ arrival

8:45-9:00:      Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – “Morning Opening” for all ages (singing, finger plays, puppets, etc.)

9:00-9:30:      Gathering Time in individual classes

9:30-10:00:    Wash up/ morning snack/ ready for outside

10:00-11:00:  Outside activities (3 years and under), group activities (prekindergarten)

11:00-11:30:  Group activity (3 and under), outside play (prekindergarten until 11:45)

11:30-12:30:  Lunch

12:30-2:30:    Nap/Quiet time (3 years and under)

1:00-2:00:      Quiet activities (prekindergarten)

2:00/2:30-3:30: Group activities and afternoon snack

3:30-5:30:      Outside activities/children’s choice/ departure


Steps To Enrolling Your Child at Spring Roots

  1. Contact us to set up an appointment to view the centre.
  2. If you want to enroll your child, we will check the availability on our waiting list.
  3. Once you are on the waiting list you will need to fill out the Child Registration Form PDF

 Waiting List

There currently is a wait list, please contact us soon to add your name.


Hours of Operation

Our Centre is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please make sure you are here in time to speak to staff, dress your child, gather their belongings and be ready to leave by 5:30, as that is when we will be closing.  When arriving, it is the parent’s responsibility to remove your child’s outside clothing, put on your child’s inside shoes, wash their hands and accompany them to their classroom.

Early Drop Off

If you require early drop off or late pick up times contact the director.  Arrangements may be possible depending on the demand for these services.


The Centre is open 52 weeks of the year.  We will be closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, New Brunswick Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas Eve (closing at noon), Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve (closing at noon).  When a holiday falls on a weekend, the Center will be closed the following Monday or previous Friday.

If Your Child is Ill

You are required to notify the Centre by 8:30am if your child will not be attending that day.  Please make sure your child arrives by 9:00am as programs will be beginning.  If your child’s class has left for an outing before you arrive, you will be able to leave your child until they return, but they will have to stay under supervision in the office.

If You Will be Late

Please be considerate in honouring the Centre’s hours of operation.   If an emergency arises, contact the Centre as soon as possible to make us aware that you may be late coming to get your child.  There will be a $5.00 fee for every 15 minutes past 5:30pm, which will be due by the end of the current week.

Your Family Vacations

To help with our program planning, please let us know at least two weeks in advance, if possible, if your child will be away for an extended time such as family vacations.

Emergencies, Medications and Vaccinations


Vaccination Records

The Centre is required to have a copy of each child’s immunization records.  Please provide updated immunization information so we can keep records current.  A waiver must be signed by parents who choose not to immunize their children.


Medication will only be given to children if brought to the Centre by a parent/guardian.  It must be labelled with the child’s name, name of the physician, instructions, and be in the original container.  We must also have written consent to give any prescribed or over the counter medication.  Medication must never be left in a child’s cubby(hook) or book bag.  We require a signed consent medication form for emergency care and transportation in the case of sudden illness or injury.  Please let us know if your child has been injured at home so we will know it didn’t happen while under our care.  We will notify you if your child is hurt in any way while with us.

The Centre does take extreme caution and makes every effort to keep children healthy and safe.  We will be doing everything possible to protect your child so they can learn, grow, and enjoy their days at the Centre.


The Centre will have a monthly fire drill as per government regulations.  The children will leave the building with their classroom educator and go to the outside play area.  Attendance and exit times will be recorded.  Alarms systems will also be checked on a yearly basis.  In the case of a fire, the children will be taken to Wendy’s restaurant on Main St.  It is very important that we are kept up to date with any changes in phone numbers and addresses as we need to know where you can be reached at all times while your child is in our care.

Forms and Spring Roots Guides

Registration Form PDF

Child Registration Form PDF

Parent Handbook 2016 PDF

Parent Handbook 2018

Food Sensitivities

We are a nut free facility. We will accommodate most food sensitivities and allergies of your child. 


Special Needs Children

Special needs children are accepted into our programs. We are wheelchair accessible.

Please contact us about your child’s needs.

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