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Margo Sears is a graduate of St. Thomas University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in Sociology and Gerontology. Margo has worked as an early childhood educator for seven years.  Also, she has three children of her own whom she stayed home with for 10 years.  Margo enjoys playing the piano and taking long rides through the countryside on her motorcycle.

Toddler Room-The Two Year Old Child

Learning to be my own person

Initiate self help skills

These children enjoy a wide range of activities that will introduce them to many different materials, activities and experiences. Days are spent exploring new materials, putting together items, building, creating, and imagining all the world has to offer them. They will be able to see their own progress through pictures, words and displays. Sand and Water Play are a part of our daily routine.



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Hours of Operation


Toddler Room 1
Toddler Room 1
Toddler Room 1
Toddler Room 1

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