The Toddler Room #1

The Two Year Old Child

Learning to be my own person

Initiate self help skills

The focus in the Nursery section is to provide infants between 6 months and 24 months of age with a program that offers experiences in a natural setting that appeal to the infant’s five senses and contribute to their overall growth and development. Our goal is to create an environment where we can work together, learn to share, and grow while making new friends. Activities and experiences will focus on exploring through sensory play: discovering new textures, sounds, and colours. Children will learn through different forms of play; including dramatic, blocks, music, arts and crafts, and sharing the joy of stories and nursery rhymes. An essential component in our day is exploring nature and the outdoors. Nature gives each child the opportunity to explore the world around them with unlimited opportunities for learning.

Our Daily Flow

Each Classroom operates based on the children's needs and interests. We follow their lead and adapt the schedule as needed, making sure to allow for plenty of outside time, snack and meal times, as well as a rest period.